ATCO Field Employee Mobile App

ATCO Group

February 2020 – October 2020

User Interface Design • Mobile App (iOS)


    How might we provide a convenient and all-in-one personal administration and report creation / submission mobile app for field staff, in order to reduce administrative overhead and collect real-time data for safety and security?


      Users & Audience

      • ATCO field staff entering alone into remote facilities
      • ATCO staff who encounter birds, nests, and chicks around power lines or transformers
      • ATCO staff who may encounter wild fires in remote areas
      • Operational centre staff who monitor field staff in remote areas
      • Management who want more data to make better business decisions base on intelligence 

      Role & Team

      • My role: User Interface designer
      • Product team also consisted of: a Full-stack developer, a Product owner, a Project manager, and Business analyst from the business area

      Scope & Constraints

      • Real-time location data based off of cellular data and GPS 
      • Needed to check-in using standard employee profile and record project name, area, weather, precipitation, and other environmentals, take photos, add notes, confirm and send reports. 
      • Default to device sensors to autofill information, with confirmation
      • Use both Apple’s Human Interface Guidelines and ATCO’s internal design system


      • What happens if we cannot connect to networks? How do we capture and send that data? 

      Our approach

      • Contextual inquiry (job shadowing)
      • Comparative & competitive analysis
      • Data / analytics analysis for usage rates and patterns


      • For connection issues, record the information on the device local, and once reconnected, send the data to the server

        Artefacts and deliverables

        Facility check-in screens

        Nest sweep reporting

        Wild fire reporting



        • Field staff appreciated the digital workflow and the reduction of paperwork
        • The real time location and check-in data helped with the risk management of our remote workers
        • Digital design and user experience (as an in-house resource) were brand-new tools in ATCO’s repertoire, so there was a lot of good lessons learnt, and future projects included a lot more user input and consultation


        • We focused on data analytics to drive design and development. It would have been beneficial to do rounds of usability testing and even co-design with the field staff
        • The business areas staff were incredibly knowledgeable and provided great insights, however—self admittedly—years removed from field work. Some validation of assumptions should have been conducted for best practices